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Both of the zooms in this kit have swappable rear elements that change the Super35 sensor coverage to Full Frame coverage at the cost of a stop of light.   So when the wider lens is configured for Super 35mm sized sensors, it is a 15-40mm lens at T2.o.  If you swap out the rear optics so that it can cover Full Frame sensors, that same wide lens becomes a 22-60mm T3.0 lens.  The tighter lens is a 30-90mm T2.0 lens on a Super35 sensor, but then becomes a 45-135mm T3.0 lens on a Full Frame sensor.  In addition to swapping out the rear optical elements to accommodate different sized sensors, these super flexible lenses also allow you to change out the actual lens mount to adapt to different standards.  We have the cinema standard PL mount as well as Canon’s EF mount.  Having said that, these are not DSLR lenses with autofocus and autoexposure.  These are professional cinema lenses with 0.8 gearing designed for full manual operation, with precise focus, zoom and iris control.  The lens mechanics are made with high-quality, lightweight metal for precision and durability, including temperature compensation to help-avoid recalibration.  Instead of a simple lens hood, we package them with two small carbon fiber and aluminum matte boxes.  These have a native 114mm clip-on size and can hold two 4″ x 5.65″ filters.  There is also a 15mm rod attachment if you are not a fan of clip-on, and of course you can add one of our more cinema focused matte boxes if you need something more substantial.

FRANK staff must swap rear optics and lens mounts, they are not user replaceable





What Comes with it?

  • Angenieux EZ Standard Zoom lens (S35 T2.0 30-90mm/FF T3.0 45-135)
  • Angenieux EZ Wide Zoom lens (S35 T2.0 15-40mm/FF T3.0 22-60)
  • Screw-in safety filters
  • 2 x 114mm carbon fiber matte boxes w/top flag & 2 stages
  • Includes Hard Transport Case
  • Front and rear caps


Day $600
Weekend $600
Week $1800

Angenieux EZ-1 and EZ-2 Zoom Lens Kit


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