ARRI MB-14 Production Matte Box

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The big dog, this 6.6 x 6.6 matte box is a standard on film sets around the world. Ours mounts on 15mm Studio rods and swings open 90° for lens access. It has 4 stages, 2 of which are geared for graduated filters. There is a short whip to adjust the height of the stage. The bellows has a receptacle for a 138mm round filter. Our package includes external light masks of various sizes. The French Flag and Wings have thumbwheels for fine adjustment of the cut. It comes in a padded Pelican case with a collection of 6×6 filters.

What Comes with it?

  • ARRI MB-14 Production Matte Box
  • Large hard carrying case with velcro dividers
  • Four stages with filter trays, one tray adjustment whip & knob
  • Top & side flags with adjusting thumbwheels
  • Selection of light masks
  • Selection of 6.6 x 6.6 filters - call for specifics


Day $175
Weekend $175
Week $525

ARRI MB-14 Production Matte Box