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This is the middle ground between the PDW700 and the EX3. It has the same High Definition formats and frame rates as the EX3 (including 24P), but records them on an optical disc, just like the PDW700. A full size shoulder mounted camera, it’s built to withstand the rigors of ENG. It has a high resolution B&W viewfinder, as well as a fold out colour screen. With a dual layer 50 gigabyte disc, it can record an outstanding 150 minutes of High Definition content. It comes with a Fujinon 5.5-94 lens that gets its power from the built-in contacts on the bayonet mount. This camera uses a ½” imager.

What Comes with it?

  • Sony PDW-F355 XDCAM Camera
  • Viewfinder
  • Three V-Mount batteries minimum 130 wH
  • Dual simultaneous battery charger + AC cord
  • On-Camera microphone
  • Soft Carry Bag - with shoulder strap and room for all standard accessories
  • Rain Cover & Shoulder Strap & Hard Travel Case on request


Day $425
Weekend $425
Week $1275

Sony PDW-F355 XDCAM Camera